Study says Cats are Living Longer than ever

As reported in Consumer Affairs, this month’s Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery reported on a new study titled “Evaluating Aging in Cats” that found cats are living healthier and longer lives. Through intensive studies of today’s cat, researchers discovered diet and healthcare improvements have extended the life expectancy of the average housecat.

Getting a Dog for the Right Reasons – Part 2

In “Getting a Dog for the Right Reasons” I discussed the importance of looking beyond personal feelings in deciding whether or not to add a furry member to the family. In order to help determine this I proposed a list of questions to consider and provided some detail relative to the most important question to consider, “Why do I want to own a dog?” Details regarding the other questions to consider are as follows:

Getting a Dog for the Right Reasons

One of the most challenging things to do when deciding whether or not to add a furry member to the family is taking your feelings out of the situation. This is so much easier said than done. Who has not gone to the local Humane Society or animal shelter, seen those loving puppy or dog eyes, that happy wagging tail, the touch of soft fur and the gentle kisses of their affection that practically scream to take them home? Dogs by their very nature are companion animals. It is this very nature that drives their pack mentality and makes them great additions to the family. Adding a puppy or dog to the family includes responsibilities one must consider that extend beyond the mutual affection that occurs between dogs and people.