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Tortoise Care

Our first two articles on exotic reptile and amphibian animals reviewed the care of the Leopard Gecko and Corn Snake as reported in Pet Sitter’s World Magazine by Pet Sitters International. This third and final installment focuses on the habitat, feeding and maintenance of the tropical and desert tortoise.

Loving Animals So Much It Hurts

Pet Sitters International News recently featured a story from The Dodo highlighting the fact that loving animals so much it hurts emotionally is an actual psychological condition or phenomenon.

Batman the Cat

Today’s feature is another feel good story from ABC News about a four-eared cat named Batman. On July 12th the 3-year old cat was surrendered to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in Pittsburgh along with several other cats.

Longville’s Town Dog

Today’s article deviates from the normal topics of tips, care and considerations for the life of your pet dog, cat or snake to bring you a heartwarming story about a dog recently reported on Google News and NBC affiliate KARE 11 TV. This is one of those feel good stories that exemplifies the unique relationship humans share with animals, pets and in this case, dogs. Although more harrowing and miraculous tales of animal behavior exist, this tale is amazing in it’s own special way.

Snake Care

In our first article on exotic reptile and amphibian animals we looked at the habitat, feeding and maintenance of the Leopard Gecko as reported in Pet Sitter’s World Magazine by Pet Sitters International. It was also pointed out that the Leopard Gecko is one of the three most popular herptile pets in the United States today, with the Corn Snake and Russian Tortoise being the other two. Today’s article focuses on snakes.

Why Dog Ownership Adds Years to Your Life

Many animal and dog owners are aware of the scientific and medical studies that indicate that spending quality time with dogs lowers our stress, blood pressure and heart rate. However, these physical and psychological benefits are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. As reported recently in Men’s Journal Magazine, the ways dogs are improving the lives of people are greatly increasing.

Leopard Gecko Care

Although dogs and cats are some of the most common pets, especially in terms of pet care services, there are many people who enjoy the companionship of more exotic animals like reptiles and amphibians. Since Prospect Pet Sitting, LLC offers pet sitting services for those with scaly children, not just those with fur, feathers or scales, it only makes sense to offer tips for exotic pet lovers. If scaly pets creep you out, then you probably want to skip this article. If however, you are fascinated by animals of a more exotic fair, already own one as a pet or are considering getting one as a pet, this article is for you.

National Night Out

On Tues., August 6th from 6-8 PM outside the Target near Jefferson Mall, I volunteered with Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) during the National Night Out event. LMAS sponsored a booth promoting dog and cat adoption through the Animal House Adoption Center at 3516 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40218.

Public Health’s Best Pest Control – Cats?

Cats have worked as the world’s fuzzy exterminators since at least 8000 B. C. when the Natufians, the first human farmers, utilized the skills of their furry friends to rid rodents from stored grain. Cats need little light to hunt due to their agility and nocturnal nature. With rodents being nocturnal as well, cats soon became their perfect nemesis. Cats have worked as rat catchers on ships during World War II, in New York bodegas and even at 10 Downing Street protecting the prime minister.