Nurse Kitty to the Rescue!

Glen Schallman’s one-year-old cat Blake is not just a great companion animal and friend, but a lifesaver as well. The amazing thing is not just that Blake would eventually save the life of his owner, but that he would do so through only using the abilities with which he was born.

5 Quick Pet Poison Tips

In my last story, “13 Things That Could Poison Your Pet,” I pointed out some of the common household items that are toxic to pets. Although I mentioned a lot of accidental poisoning symptoms, the advice regarding what to do was more general. So, today I am providing some additional information on how to deal with a pet poisoning emergency.

13 Things That Could Poison Your Pet

Many pet parents are not aware that many common substances found in the home are toxic to pets. In order to pet proof your house from the seemingly innocuous poison that can be found in most rooms, contained herein are some items to keep in mind.

Leash Law for Cats?

In the town of Kenai, Alaska, officials besieged with complaints about free roaming felines and a growing population of shelter cats, are proposing a cat leash law. That’s right, leashes for cats.

Meet Romeo the Cat and Juliet the Dog

Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog are an orange Tabby and gray Miniature Schnauzer that until October of last year, had been living together as strays on the street. A Good Samaritan found the pair and brought them to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in Chula Vista, California.

Smoking Exposure Harmful to Pets

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), secondhand smoke is not only harmful to monkeys, but also to household pets like dogs, cats, birds, fish and even pigs that are subjected to its exposure.

Holiday Cat and Dog Photos – Part 2

Christmas is nearly here! Posted in this article is part two of the PetPlan pet photo contest winners as reported by Reader’s Digest.

Holiday Cat and Dog Photos – Part 1

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, I thought I would share the PetPlan pet photo contest winners as reported by Reader’s Digest.

Skin Cancer in Cats

The subtle signs of skin cancer in your cat can appear as innocently as a wart or a scratch. Unfortunately, these signs can go undetected until the late stages of the disease. The signs of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) can be difficult to recognize in cats,

Why Do Cats Drool?

Does your cat drool? Some cats never drool while others never seem to stop. What’s important is knowing when the dribble is a cause for concern.