Why Not Work From Home Forever?

Today’s story is part two…

America Needs to Get Back To Work

This story was penned by Wall Street Journal sports writer Jason Gay…

Memorial Day Pet Tips

Happy Memorial Day! With summer finally here, now is a good time to share some pet safety tips…

In Memoriam

One of the most challenging parts of being a pet care professional is that fact that you will eventually be faced with having to say goodbye to a cherished and beloved companion animal. You might think…

Christmas Cheer

And now some words from my friends…

Tax Reform and Dogs?

An interesting article caught my attention the other day. The story was really about tax reform from a certain political point of view told in a humorous way with pet owners as the backdrop of the idea.

Five Dog Yoga Tips

Since yoga with cats is becoming popular, it should not be surprising that yoga with dogs or dog yoga (also known as doga) is gaining in popularity as well.

The Canine Mind

Realizing this is my third article in a row primarily related to dogs, I ask for your patience and understanding. Normally I do a much better job of balancing the different species upon which I write and promise to make amends soon. In the interim,

Banishing Pet Smells

We love the dogs, cats and pocket pets we keep as companion animals. Their smells on the other hand are usually not so desirable.

Why Dogs Look Guilty

Have you ever walked in on your dog to find a potty mess on the rug or a torn up pillow while they are cowering down low with big eyes, their head down and their tail between their legs? As humans we tend to believe this is an admission of guilt or an apology because our dog knows it has been bad. But is that true?