Summer Days

Before the sunny summer days of July transition into the hot summer days of August, I thought now was a good time to end my writing hiatus. Instead of penning an animal advice or animal interest article like usual, I decided to provide something hopefully a little more fun.

In case anyone was wondering why my blogging has been absent this month, it is because I have had a record month taking care of numerous pets while my clients enjoyed their summer vacations. In appreciation of their trust in me to care for their furry (and sometimes scaled) kids so they could relax and enjoy their vacations, today’s post includes a pictorial of the wonderful animals I have been spending my time with this month. If you have seen any past posts highlighting pictures of the pets with which I have worked, you may notice some of the faces. You will also however, notice some new ones as well.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Take me to your leader if and only if they have treats!” – Bella

Holly is a healthy and happy lady!

Meet Zeppelin (aka Zeppy). Don’t let that cute face fool you. He is a high energy hot mess that can be a handful to walk, but he is a great boy.

Stella is going to be a heartbreaker and she is only a puppy.

Jonas loves his big red ball.

Meet Gus, the chocolate Lab gentle giant. He can catch toys in his mouth.

“This July heat is ridiculous!” – Bernie

“I don’t know what Bernie is whining about. This is the good life!” – Rocky

“Me worry?” – Garth

“This cool floor feels great after running around outside in the July heat.” – Emmy Lou

“Why does my family think I am a hamster?” – Hamster Kissy

“Squirrel!” – Elle

“Drop the food and back away slowly.” – Louie

“Hey! I right here!!” – Jasper

“Give me the treat!” – Barkley

“Where is my milk Uncle Joe Joe?” – Jack

“Come just a little closer.” – Marley

“What? If something is wrong, I am sure it is Chester’s fault.” – Sadie

“Oh yeah. That’s the smell.” – Chester

“I’m eating here!” – Coke

“Oh, it’s you again.” – Bella

“This is some really great lettuce!” – Pepsi

“You put me in this car and stuck your phone in my face. Now what?” – Ottis

“Ottis is not the only pet in this household you know.” – Bart

So, it’s a lousy picture, but at least Cleo is out from under the bed for a change.

The best I could manage with Oscar. The treats are a big help.

“This is the life.” – Zak

“I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna get you!!!” – Nube

“Man I’m handsome!” – S’more

“Why do you keep calling me Amadeus?” – Wolfgang

“I know Mommy and you love me and want me to be healthy, but do you have to keep putting that nasty tasting stuff in my mouth!” – Sojourner (aka Sojo)

“Don’t even think about it bud!” – Whoopi