Microchips Help Ensure Happy Endings For Lost Pets

One month after the historic flooding in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, hundreds of animals were still waiting to be reunited with their owners. These pets left in limbo had no identification tags or had identification information that was incorrect. None of these animals had microchips and/or microchips with updated information. All these issues greatly […]

Lose Weight With The Help Of Big Dogs

Did you know that owning a dog could help you lose weight? This is especially true if the canine is a large breed. Of course dog ownership regardless of size is not the primary cause in assisting people with weight loss, but rather a motivating factor. A study conducted by researchers at Liverpool University studying […]

Skin Cancer In Cats

The subtle signs of skin cancer in your cat can appear as innocently as a wart or a scratch. Unfortunately, these signs can go undetected until the late stages of the disease. The signs of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) can be difficult to recognize in cats, as this common form of skin cancer can appear […]

The Most Heroic Dogs Of 2016

The American Humane Association recently honored eight amazing dogs during their annual Hero Dog Awards, recognizing them for the brave ways they have made a difference in the world. Emerging Hero Meet Hooch the French Mastiff who won the Emerging Hero Award. Hooch overcame astounding odds when saved by Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue as he […]

Smaller Mammals Are Great Pets

America is a country of animal lovers and although many of our pets are dogs and cats, we are not limited to just the canine and feline species. In fact, many households own pets of a much smaller animal nature including hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas. According to a survey published by […]

Why Do Cats Drool

Does your cat drool? Some cats never drool while others never seem to stop. What’s important is knowing when the dribble is a cause for concern. Before further discussing this potentially unsavory topic, it is important to remember that if your cat’s drooling is unusual for any reason, e.g., they don’t normally drool, the dribble […]

High-Tech Dog Fitness Collars

Veterinarians at the Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (CVM) are using dog collar activity trackers in an effort to aid in ensuring dogs stay healthy. Just as fitness monitors have become useful to people in their quest to achieve heath goals, so too are veterinarians utilizing these devices in […]

Fall Pet Tips

We may not want the warm weather of summer to vanish and even though we are experiencing some unusually high temperatures this October and November, the leaves are starting to fall to the ground and there is a chill (or at least a lower dew point and lower humidity) in the air. Fall officially began […]

Grumpy Cat For President

The famous feline Grumpy Cat has recently been spotted hanging out with some former Presidents at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Washington, D.C. As we near the end of the 2016 general election in our country (a relief for many no doubt), I thought this post might serve as a more positive and fun view […]