Leash Law for Cats?

In the town of Kenai, Alaska, officials besieged with complaints about free roaming felines and a growing population of shelter cats, are proposing a cat leash law. That’s right, leashes for cats.

Meet Romeo the Cat and Juliet the Dog

Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog are an orange Tabby and gray Miniature Schnauzer that until October of last year, had been living together as strays on the street. A Good Samaritan found the pair and brought them to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in Chula Vista, California.

Smoking Exposure Harmful to Pets

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), secondhand smoke is not only harmful to monkeys, but also to household pets like dogs, cats, birds, fish and even pigs that are subjected to its exposure.

Common Canine Health Issues

Pet Sitter’s International Weekly News Brief recently re-posted a list by Dog Psycho from nearly a year ago that was reported on lifehacker titled “The Most Common Health Issues That Affect 25 Different Dog Breeds.”

Pet Obesity on the Rise

The excitement of starting a new year is upon us. As we focus on our resolutions for 2017 I have no doubt many of us have set goals that include eating healthier, getting more exercise and losing weight. What about for our pets?