Labs Set New AKC Popularity Record

Labrador retrievers set a new American Kennel Club (AKC) record for the breed with the most consecutive years ranked number one at 26 straight years.

Dogs May Possess Human Type Memory

New research suggests that dogs may remember more than we thought. Any dog owner will tell you that dogs have an uncanny ability to remember things.

Cat Influenza

March marks the last official month of the 2017 flu season until October according to the CDC. Humans are not the only animals that can become sick with an influenza virus. Our feline companion animals apparently can as well.

9 Steps to Avoid Cockatoo Syndrome

Birds are amazing creatures that can make great pets. These animals are categorized as exotic pets and offer tremendous variety. Whereas 177 – 340 breeds of dogs and 43 – 73 breeds of cat are recognized in the world by various organizations, there is only one canine species and one feline species. There are more than 300 species of parrots of which the cockatoo is one. Herein are some steps to ensure a happy and healthy relationship with your pet bird.

Robo Scan for Horses

Veterinarians at the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary school are studying a type of robotic computed tomography (CT) scan they hope can advance medical care for horses as well as humans. If successful, this technology could eliminate the need for people to lie still inside a claustrophobic tube.