Cat Yoga?

Cat yoga. I know, it sounds like a joke. How can cats do yoga? Well, it’s not really cat yoga but rather yoga with cats. The thought of people doing yoga with cats somehow does not sound any less crazy especially when one considers that yoga is fairly challenging all on its own. Cat yoga […]

Five Pillars Of Cat Happiness

What is normal cat behavior relative to our relationship with them as companion animals? How can we enrich the environment in which we cohabitate to make and keep them happier as well as deter them from exhibiting negative behaviors? An unhappy kitty makes for an unhappy family. At the end of last year, the American […]

Why Cats Knead?

Have you ever had your cat knead your lap or belly like it is a piece of dough they are preparing to pop into the oven? You know, that bizarre cat quirk in which your cat as if in a trance, lifts one paw and then the other on a soft surface (you) over and […]

The Canine Mind

Realizing this is my third article in a row primarily related to dogs, I ask for your patience and understanding. Normally I do a much better job of balancing the different species upon which I write and promise to make amends soon. In the interim, I could not pass up a short overview of a […]

Banishing Pet Smells

We love the dogs, cats and pocket pets we keep as companion animals. Their smells on the other hand are usually not so desirable. Animals are biologically different from us as people. For example, although dogs sweat, they do so quite differently from us. Whereas people form drops that fall off our skin, dogs sweat […]