Donkeys: A Dog You Can Ride

Are donkeys just slower, stubbier horses or are they something more? Many in the U.S. may believe this to be true and while the number of horse lovers far exceeds that of donkey enthusiasts, the truth is a bit more nuanced. Donkeys are not only an entirely separate species, but they also have attributes that […]

The Power Of Meow!

Cats rarely meow when communicating with one another. Although felines talk to other felines utilizing body language, scent marking, purrs, chirps, hisses and growls, meows are pretty much reserved for communicating with people. Meows are far from routine as they cover a wide range of sounds, volumes and types. A meow can be sweet, subtle […]

Five Dog Yoga Tips

Since yoga with cats is becoming popular, it should not be surprising that yoga with dogs or dog yoga (also known as doga) is gaining in popularity as well. Dogs however, can play a little different role in yoga than cats as they can serve as a weight, block or prop. Dogs are a “casual […]