Hail To The Chief Dogs

Typically I try to stay away from politics in my blogs, especially in these divisive times. This story however, is only political in that it is about pets that have occupied the White House over the years and includes First Families from both sides of the aisle. President Joe Biden’s two German shepherds, Major and […]

Tortoise Tips

During this time of year most pet Tortoises and Turtles hibernate outside by either burrowing under the earth or staying underwater depending on the species. Some Tortoises however, have to come inside for the winter where they can stay warm. Some pet parents place their hard shelled friend in a bathroom or a tub while […]

Business Of The Year? – Part 2

In October of 2020 I wrote a piece titled “Business of the Year?” in which I announced the unprecedented step taken by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) of honoring ALL NAPPS members as winners and recipients of the NAPPS Business of the Year Award 2021. I submitted information on Longview Pet Sitting, […]