Pet Brushing

Pet Brushing

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As a pet owner, brushing your pet is an essential task that should be done regularly.

Brushing your pet daily can prevent matting and remove excess hair, keeping their coat smooth and shiny. Using a rubber brush or a slicker brush can do wonders for your pet’s coat, regardless of their breed. For optimal coat health, deshedding your pet once a week is also advisable, using the right tool appropriate for their coat type.

Brushing your pet is not only for their physical appearance but also helps maintain their overall health.

Regular brushing allows pet owners to detect irritations or skin conditions that may be developing, and ensures that their skin is healthy. Additionally, brushing your pet can be a bonding moment, allowing you to spend quality time with them and reinforce your relationship.

Longview Pet Sitting can use our brushes or yours! Achieving a healthy and good-looking pet is easy when you make pet brushing a part of your daily routine.