Charcuterie is typically a selection of cured meat options even though some food lovers and vegetarians have created some unique grazing boards including options like hot cocoa, Halloween candy and even Christmas items. Sorry pet parents and humans alike, but the snack board discussed herein is not for you. No, a dogcuterie board is one designed for your dog’s favorite treats. It is an easy display to create with anything you like (that is dog edible) and above all, will be loved by your pup.

Kara Thornton is the owner of the Columbus, Ohio based “Macie + Miles” Instagram account featuring two golden retrievers. For Macie’s first birthday, Thornton made a dogcuterie board filled with her favorite treats. “I love making charcuterie boards for holidays and wanted to do something special for Macie’s first birthday. Since she is super treat-motivated, I thought it would be perfect,” said Thornton.

To create Macie’s dogcuterie board, Thornton included Milk-Bones ($9, Pet Smart); Greenies Dental Treats ($19, Chewy); WholeHearted Chicken Sticks ($13, Petco); Zuke’s Puppy Dog Treats ($7, Chewy); The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Sweetie S’mores Dog Treats ($6, Chewy); and a small bowl of dog-safe peanut butter ($14, Chewy). Next Thornton arranged everything on a serving board and let Macie enjoy. “This was my first time making a dogcuterie board; we plan on making more dogcuterie boards in the future when we can get our friends’ dogs together,” states Thornton.

Although great fun, a dogcuterie board should not be an all the time affair, but rather reserved for special occasions. Also, don’t let you dog or puppy eat everything at once as they might get sick from all the treats. This is something we most definitely want to avoid. So, the next time you want to spoil your furry canine companion, try arranging a dogcuterie board with all their favorite treats. Your doggie will love you for it!

This article was adapted from a story in Better Homes & Gardens by author Jennifer Aldrich titled “A Dogcuterie Board Is the Tastiest Way to Show Your Pup Some Love.”