Cats are scientifically known to improve health and well being. In a recent case study performed by Cats protection, 87% of cat owners believed their cat improved their mental health. Here are the top four reasons cats are good for you, as reported by Pet Sitters International and published by AOL Lifestyle.

1. A cat’s purr can heal bones and muscles.

The sound of a cat purring has long been associated with the therapeutic ability to improve physical well being.

2. Cat’s can improve your dating life.

Pet researcher Dr. June Nicolls found through research that men with pets    were more likely to be attractive to women. Moreover, studies indicate that men with pets exhibited nicer and more caring attributes than men without pets.

3. Cats can help you battle infections.

Studies prove that a child’s immune system can be boosted by exposing them to cats and dogs within the first few years of life.

4. Cats help people socialize.

Research has shown cats increase levels of social interaction among people with autism. The act of staying in contact with a cat improved assertiveness and the sense of attachment within children.