One of the most challenging parts of being a pet care professional is that fact that you will eventually be faced with having to say goodbye to a cherished and beloved companion animal. You might think this is something only veterinarians and their staff have to face or perhaps people who work in the field of animal adoptions. It is also a very real aspect of the professional pet sitting world. While this is not a frequent occurrence in my profession, I am still amazed with how often it happens.

Today I pay tribute to and honor two such companion animals I had the privilege of caring for that recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Hershey was a Labradoodle Mix who lived a really full life until the age of about 13. Even more remarkable is the fact that he was larger than normal for this breed probably weighing in at between 90 – 100 lbs. In the end a combination of old age and some persistent ACL issues led to his crossing. He was a sweet boy. My favorite activity was walking Hershey. He lived with his pet parents in the country where there was a lot of open space to roam. The countryside was beautiful and contained some horses as well as a multitude of deer. I imagine Hershey is now roaming freely with vigor in those fields for all eternity.


Louie was nearly 16 years old and was simply a very sweet cat. He lived with another male cat about half his age and a female dog about a quarter of his age. Like his roommates, Louie was very social. He was also very, very, very chill. You see, Louie suffered from all types of sinus and breathing issues. Needless to say, he put up with a lot medically from his pet parents and from me when I cared for him. Not only did he endure taking numerous pills throughout the day, but he even had an inhaler that I administered. Like many cats, he was too smart for the standard tricks one might employ to get him to take his pills. In the end, the old fashioned method of putting the pill directly in the back of his mouth and rubbing the outside of his throat until he swallowed did the trick. He was amazing about it and somehow managed to never hate me for it. I will always cherish the times I spent with Louie, especially the occasions I did not have to give him any meds and was simply able to pet and love him.