As many throughout the world today celebrate the holiday of Halloween on this All Hallows Eve in anticipation of All Saints Day, I felt now would be a good time to remember the wonderful animals that have recently gone before us across the Rainbow Bridge. Let us remember these amazing creatures that brought so much love into our lives, often unconditionally, in celebration of all the joy they brought into this world, making it a better place. The companion animals listed herein are from clients, family and even my home.

Bueford (left) and Duncan “Doodle-Bear” were brothers who lived a long and sun filled life with my Sister-In-Law in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Annie was the sweet elderly cat of one of my new client’s who lost her unexpectedly. Although I did not get much time to know Annie, I can say she was a very sweet lady. Her companion Gabby is still around getting love from his pet parents and me when needed.

Bart is another sweet cat with whom I only knew for a short time and only in a complementary way as his pet parents have me focused on their dog, Ottis. Bart was nearly 20 years old and was special indeed, always craving attention.

Countess was not only the first Greyhound we rescued, but also one of the most special pets with which I have shared a relationship. It was really love at first site with us bonding instantly. Losing a pet is never easy, but some are harder to say goodbye to than others. As difficult as this has been, I would not trade the pain (that is slowly subsiding) I feel for a single solitary second of the 10 years I spent in a loving friendship with this beautiful creature. I look forward to Countess meeting me one day at the Rainbow Bridge.