Welcome to Longview Pet Sitting, LLC in Longview, Texas. If this looks and sounds a lot like Prospect Pet Sitting from Prospect (Louisville), Kentucky, it is because Longview Pet Sitting is essentially the same company with a different name in a different place. Although I had to leave the excellent independent contractors I worked with behind in Kentucky, and even though I will be flying solo for a while until I hopefully require the help of some employees, Longview Pet Sitting still has the same owner with the same vision, mission and philosophy about pet care. Even better is the fact that I have considerably more experience than when I started my first pet sitting service a little more than four years ago. If you happen to read any of my Google reviews and see Prospect Pet Sitting mentioned a few times, please know that it is me and represents the accomplishments my pet sitters and I achieved in Kentucky. You may be asking yourself at this point why I left such a successful business and good life behind to move back to Longview to start my business all over again?

After spending 20 years away from Texas and 30 years away from Longview with Juliet, my lovely Wife of 24 years, we decided that now was the time to move back to be closer to family. Truth be told, originally we planned to move back in the next five to ten years. The current state of our world and the economy thanks to COVID-19 gave us, like many, plenty of time to reflect on our lives both present and future. With my parents living in Longview and Juliet’s Mother living in Austin, Texas, we decided it was time to come home. We both have siblings that live in Texas as well.

Personally it was not only an opportunity for me to continue a profession in Longview for which I have a tremendous love and passion, but it also provided an opportunity to be closer to my best childhood friend, Derrick French, who unlike me, decided many years ago that his life belonged in Longview. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets. The path of my life through Fort Worth, Dallas, Miami, FL and Louisville, KY have all contributed to my becoming the man I am today. It also provided the foundation to find my calling to care for companion animals as a professional pet sitter. I simply desire and hope to continue providing high level care to the furry children of many pet parents in the Longview area.

Before I close with a brief description of my services, I wanted to share a few pictures and some information about some of my pets, both past and present. The reason for including a couple of our past pets is due to the fact that you may notice their pictures on the homepage of the Longview Pet Sitting website as well as on some of my promotional materials. The two dogs I am referring to were our first Greyhounds, Countess and Derby. Although they crossed the Rainbow Bridge some time ago, both were alive and well when I started my first pet sitting company. Both dogs were very dear to us, with Countess holding a very special place in my heart.

The Pomeranian with the big smile on his face next to Countess, Derby and me in the picture on the homepage of my website is Cujo. As much as I would like to say that what you see in the picture was all fur, it was not. We rescued him from our vet after he was found wandering the streets of Kentucky. He was definitely too fat. As you can see from the pictures below, we now have him at a much healthier weight. How Cujo ended up on the street is beyond us, but he is a gift. He appears to be purebred and is most definitely an incredibly sweet and special dog as evidenced by the fact that he was certified as a pet therapy animal. Today Cujo keeps our other two Greyhounds and us on our toes.

Basil is a demure female Greyhound that retired from a race track in West Virginia. Thunder, fireworks or other loud noises make her anxious as she is a sweet and gentle soul. That said, she can be picky about the other Greyhounds with which she associates. That is why we let her choose our current male Greyhound, Hayden.

Hayden was one of the last Greyhounds from the Orlando, FL track which closed about a year ago. Now all the tracks in Florida are closed. Hayden is a sweet hot mess! He is the most high strung, curious, mischievous and intelligent Greyhound we have ever owned. Fortunately our new house in Longview has all round door knobs. Our previous home had handle door knobs which Hayden quickly learned how to open with his long nose. Still, we love him dearly, as does Basil.

No pet sitters home would be complete without a cat and ours is no different. Meet Minx the Manx. Like many of her breed, she only has a little stub of a tail. In short (no pun intended), she is tailless. Actually, we adopted Minx from our neighbor and dear friend before Hayden came on the scene. She is a very outgoing cat that seems more like a dog. In fact, most of the conflict among our four pets is between Cujo and Minx as both believe they are the center of the universe.

That’s our furry family that I care for when I am not caring for other people’s companion animals.  Regarding my services, I care for all domesticated pets. In fact, I am open to caring for all animals. Most of this business is built on the care of dogs and cats and although most of my time and in turn experience is spent on the canine and feline species, occasionally I get to care for birds, fish or a pocket pet like a Guinea pig or Hedgehog. Know that I am open to caring for many other varieties of species and breeds including Ferrets, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Rabbits, Chickens, Pigs (Pot-bellied or otherwise), Reptiles and Amphibians.

In addition to dog walking/running, dog care and cat care, I also offer overnight visits, pet taxi service (to and from your home to the vet or doggie daycare, etc.) and pooper scooper service. Moreover, Longview Pet Sitting not only provides potty breaks and feeding/water breaks, but also the administering of medication. In short, our function is to provide for your furry kids in the same manner as you in your absence or in your presence (in case you are unable to perform such tasks or simply prefer us to do them).

Above all else is the value placed on the relationship and the bond with your companion animal(s). While leaving your pet(s) in the environment they know best, their own home, goes a long way towards reducing the level of stress and anxiety in your absence, that is only one half of the equation. The other half consists of the pet sitter doing their job by providing quality time and companionship during each visit. This in turn provides you peace of mind whether we are walking your dog during the day while you are away hard at work or we are caring for your cats while you are away on vacation. That is the essence of the concierge pet service model I proudly bring to the Longview Texas Area through Longview Pet Sitting, LLC.