Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog are an orange Tabby and gray Miniature Schnauzer that until October of last year, had been living together as strays on the street. A Good Samaritan found the pair and brought them to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in Chula Vista, California.

According to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility administrator Amanda Mills, the Good Samaritan that rescued the pair found them “hiding under a car together and cuddling.” Mills also stated, “And when they were brought in together, they immediately showed they didn’t want to be separated, and they physically tried to stay together.”

Initially, Romeo and Juliet stayed in their respective and separate cat and dog sections of the animal shelter as is typical in shelters. It soon became apparent the arrangement would not work. “[The] two were lovesick when away from each other,” said Mills. “When the dog was out in the kennel, the cat just really wasn’t doing very well. Romeo got kind of sick, pretty depressed. He wasn’t eating well, and he was lethargic and didn’t want to play. Even his coat and fur weren’t in good condition.”

To prevent the same tragic ending as found in Shakespeare’s original tale, the staff at the shelter implemented some modifications that created a special enclosure for Romeo and Juliet. “They just needed to be together,” Mills said. “As soon as Romeo saw Juliet again, he just perked right up. The cat finally started playing and eating again.”

At the time of this story, the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility was searching for a family to adopt the duo solely as a two-in-one package. “They are very clearly bonded, which is very unusual,” said Mills. “We’ve had two dogs bonded or two cats, but never a dog and a cat. It’s definitely a first for our shelter, and we’re very glad to have them here.”

This article was adapted from a story featured on ABC News by Avianne Tan titled “Meet Romeo the Cat and Juliet the Dog, Star-Crossed Lovers at a California Animal Shelter.”