Glen Schallman’s one-year-old cat Blake is not just a great companion animal and friend, but a lifesaver as well. The amazing thing is not just that Blake would eventually save the life of his owner, but that he would do so through only using the abilities with which he was born.

Schallman, who resides in Fort Worth Texas, lives with two rare brain conditions called polymicrogyria and unilateral schizencephaly. Moreover, he has a brain tumor known as hypothalamic hematoma. The impact of the combination of these uncommon aliments causes Schallman to have seizures on a daily basis that can be deadly.

Recently when Schallman had a seizure in his sleep, Blake bit his toes and woke him up. Blake also helps his owner avoid dangerous situations by sensing when a seizure is about to occur. “I was sitting down watching TV, my arm started shaking, he jumped in my lap and stroked my arm, looked at me and purred,” Schallman said.

Even more remarkable is the fact that even though Blake responds like a therapy animal, he has never received any training. Thanks in part to Blake’s gifts, sense of duty and love for his owner, Schallman is the oldest living person with his rare brain conditions. There is no denying the close and unbreakable bond they share.

This article was adapted from a story by Sheeka Sanahori on USA Today titled “Nurse Kitty! Cat bites owner’s toes, saves him from deadly seizure.”