Dogs Want Praise More Than Treats

New research shows that most dogs actually prefer affection over food.

Cats Choose Healthy Food Over Flavor

Researchers believe cats are able to discern the food that is best for them nutritionally.

Cuddling Dogs

A story has been circulating on Facebook recently about the ten dog breeds that most enjoy cuddling. The article was written by Renee Moen of on September 23, 2014. The dogs listed herein and their respective order reflects the 2014 article. The narration about each breed however, is a combination of personal experience and information garnered from the ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs with most of the images acquired via Google. You may find some of the breeds on this list surprising.

Tortoise Care

Our first two articles on exotic reptile and amphibian animals reviewed the care of the Leopard Gecko and Corn Snake as reported in Pet Sitter’s World Magazine by Pet Sitters International. This third and final installment focuses on the habitat, feeding and maintenance of the tropical and desert tortoise.

Loving Animals So Much It Hurts

Pet Sitters International News recently featured a story from The Dodo highlighting the fact that loving animals so much it hurts emotionally is an actual psychological condition or phenomenon.