Bringing Home a Kitten

Bringing home a kitten for the first time is a big change for the new family member. The following tips can aid in a smooth and less stressful transition:

National Night Out

On Tues., August 6th from 6-8 PM outside the Target near Jefferson Mall, I volunteered with Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) during the National Night Out event. LMAS sponsored a booth promoting dog and cat adoption through the Animal House Adoption Center at 3516 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40218.

Public Health’s Best Pest Control – Cats?

Cats have worked as the world’s fuzzy exterminators since at least 8000 B. C. when the Natufians, the first human farmers, utilized the skills of their furry friends to rid rodents from stored grain. Cats need little light to hunt due to their agility and nocturnal nature. With rodents being nocturnal as well, cats soon became their perfect nemesis. Cats have worked as rat catchers on ships during World War II, in New York bodegas and even at 10 Downing Street protecting the prime minister.

Study says Cats are Living Longer than ever

As reported in Consumer Affairs, this month’s Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery reported on a new study titled “Evaluating Aging in Cats” that found cats are living healthier and longer lives. Through intensive studies of today’s cat, researchers discovered diet and healthcare improvements have extended the life expectancy of the average housecat.

Getting a Dog for the Right Reasons – Part 2

In “Getting a Dog for the Right Reasons” I discussed the importance of looking beyond personal feelings in deciding whether or not to add a furry member to the family. In order to help determine this I proposed a list of questions to consider and provided some detail relative to the most important question to consider, “Why do I want to own a dog?” Details regarding the other questions to consider are as follows: