Longview Pet Sitting, LLC like most new businesses is off to a solid albeit measured beginning. The feelings I have this time around are quite familiar in that I traveled this road four years ago when I established my first pet sitting service. The difference this time is that I know what I was able to accomplish before and cannot wait to hopefully get there again. More than anything, I am anxious to get back to caring for and spending time with other people’s pets.

Know that I am very thankful for the newest pet parent client’s that have allowed me into the lives of their furry children. Today I would like to share some of them with you. There are some real cute and beautiful pets among them!

Ginger is both the first pet and first cat under the care of Longview Pet Sitting.

Ginger has an interesting story in that she was a feral cat that adopted her pet parents by literally walking up to their back porch and coming inside the house. She is still pretty wild, but is thankful to have such a wonderful forever home. My care for her consists of providing food, water and treats as well as cleaning her litter box. The rest of the time we simply hang out together as affection and playing are most definitely on her terms! Still, she is a very beautiful feline.

Meet Abbigail, better known as Abby. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is very sweet.

In the short time she has been under the care of Longview Pet Sitting she has grown very fond of Uncle Joe Joe. I love her dearly as well. The services provided to Abby include daily dog walks, potty breaks, feeding and petting. Longview Pet Sitting also administered ear drops for an ear infection, eye drops for when Abby’s conjunctivitis flared up and even some ointment for an abrasion on the outside of her ear. Finally, I have provided pet taxi service for Abby to the vet and groomer (and back home again).

Finally, I am proud to present Priscilla Cate “Prissy” and Mortimer James “Morty.” Prissy is a Chow-Shiba Inu mix and Morty is a Lab-Boxer mix.

Both are very sweet, but also very protective of their pet parents. Additionally, Prissy and Morty are both rescues. I am absolutely thrilled to provide Prissy and Morty with daily dog walks and potty breaks throughout the week. Both are very special companion animals.