Favorite Dog Words

Do our furry canine companions respond to certain words more than others? Do our dogs have words they absolutely love to hear? According to new research, it is really easy to fill your furry friend with joy by simply uttering a few common phrases. Experts at OnBuy.com conducted a three-month study to compile the list. […]

Let The Dogs Out

“When in doubt, let them out.” – Joseph Bianca Perhaps I was not the originator of the statement above, but I can say with complete honesty that to my knowledge, I have never heard it spoken by another nor have I read it anywhere. Even a Google search yielded results of a similar nature but […]

Dogcuterie Board Puppy Love

Charcuterie is typically a selection of cured meat options even though some food lovers and vegetarians have created some unique grazing boards including options like hot cocoa, Halloween candy and even Christmas items. Sorry pet parents and humans alike, but the snack board discussed herein is not for you. No, a dogcuterie board is one […]

Ben & Jerry’s For Dogs

Ben & Jerry’s recently launched ice cream treats designed for your canine best friend. The launch includes two doggie dessert flavors: Pontch’s Mix and Rosie’s Mix. The former is a combination of peanut butter and pretzel swirls, while Rosie’s Mix combines real pumpkin and mini-cookies with a sunflower butter base. The names of these new […]

Hail To The Chief Dogs

Typically I try to stay away from politics in my blogs, especially in these divisive times. This story however, is only political in that it is about pets that have occupied the White House over the years and includes First Families from both sides of the aisle. President Joe Biden’s two German shepherds, Major and […]

Tortoise Tips

During this time of year most pet Tortoises and Turtles hibernate outside by either burrowing under the earth or staying underwater depending on the species. Some Tortoises however, have to come inside for the winter where they can stay warm. Some pet parents place their hard shelled friend in a bathroom or a tub while […]

Business Of The Year? – Part 2

In October of 2020 I wrote a piece titled “Business of the Year?” in which I announced the unprecedented step taken by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) of honoring ALL NAPPS members as winners and recipients of the NAPPS Business of the Year Award 2021. I submitted information on Longview Pet Sitting, […]

Crazy Posts

For those of you kind enough to follow me and like my posts who might be thinking I have lost my mind of late by posting the same nonsensical drivel each day with a different picture, please know that nothing is further from the truth. After investing in a citation campaign on the backend and […]

Happy Thanksgiving

This year has been challenging for us all in one way or another and for many, it has been wearisome on multiple fronts. That is why I am wishing you and yours (both humans and pets alike) a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Whether celebrating with immediate family/friends or virtually, may your day be filled […]

Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday, October 29th, 2020 Longview Pet Sitting, LLC held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Longview Chamber of Commerce to celebrate its official opening and offering of services to the greater Longview, Texas area. The event was attended by a number of chamber staff, chamber members representing the Ribbon Cutting Committee, my Wife Juliet […]